4 Benefits of Living in a Rental HDB Flat in Singapore

4 Benefits of Living in a Rental HDB Flat in Singapore

The plethora of housing choices available in Singapore can sometimes be equally a boon and a bane. With so many types of accommodation to choose from, looking for the right rental property can be a difficult endeavor. What’s more, the city is one of the most expensive cities to live in, so even renting a property may not be something everyone can comfortably afford.

If you are looking for a house rental in singapore that is both cheap and cheerful, why not consider renting a HDB flat? If you are on a budget, living in a HDBflat could be one of your best decisions. Read on for some of the benefits you can get if you live in a rental HDB flat in Singapore.

1. Provides your basic needs

HDB flats are a comparatively cheaper option to rent. However, just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean that they are incapable of meeting your most basic needs.

Nowadays, most HDB towns are built according to the new town concept, where the towns are designed to be self-sufficient and self-sustainable. Each town will thus have its own commercial developments. Everything is available, from a town center to outlets. This eliminates the need to venture out of your immediate area to satisfy and meet your common needs. Just as well, as the idea of commuting out into the city center just to buy a few necessities is a daunting thought. Not only will you end up saving travelling time and money, your basic needs can all be met within the vicinity of your town area.

Some HDB developments even have industrial estates and companies that employ its residents. Amenities are in abundance, from schools to parks to clinics and so on and so forth. All the needs of the residents and tenants, whether recreational, educational or even health-wise, will be met easily.

2. Space for communal activities

HDB housing blocks are essentially vertical communities. They have common built-in areas called void decks that are available for use for any resident. These common areas are aimed at promoting social interaction in order to foster a community that is more close-knit. These void decks are usually open-aired, sheltered spaces on the first level that are devoid of any housing units.

What’s good about it is that these spaces are available free of charge. They can be used for communal activities such as parties, weddings, funerals and even the odd community-organized bazaar. This can come in handy, as HDB flats not known for being particularly spacious. You can save yourself a fortune from renting a hall or function room by just having your parties and events here.

Furthermore, you never know who lives in your area until you meet them. The multitude of common areas allow you to mingle and network with your neighbors more often. You might even be able to expand your social life there.

3. Ethnicity quota system

Although some might say the HDB ethnic quota is becoming a farce, its is well-intentioned. Singapore is known for its peaceful multi-cultural life that should not be taken for granted. A HDB residential area propagates this idea of multi-cultural harmony even more due to the ethnicity quota system. Each blocks of units in HDB flat developments are sold to families from different ethnicities, with the percentage sold to each race comparable to the national average.

This system minimizes any chance of physical racial segregation, or the formation of ethnic enclaves amidst tenants in certain HDB residential areas. So, living in a HDB flat leaves you free from worrying about any physical racial segregation arising where you live. The same however, cannot be said for other accommodation options that are private housing, such as condominiums or apartments,

4. Community center for relaxation

HDB towns have community centers where residents can spend time socializing. You can play your favorite games, meet up with other residents and friends staying in the vicinity, or simply just relax. It can potentially be a great place to head every evening after a long exhausting day. Not to mention, you can satisfy all your everyday exercise needs.

Again, the equipment and the center may be available for use for a minimal fee or may even be free. Anything that can give you a chance to add to your savings is a great benefit. All your entertainment needs will be at your doorstep. You don’t need to turn elsewhere to keep you and your family busy as you make new friends and spend your time at ease at these community centers.

Last Words

Cheap accommodation does not have to be lackadaisical. HDB flats are a cheap but comfortable alternative that comes with a multitude of benefits. You really should consider renting a HDB flat to live in. With so many benefits associated with them, there’s really no reason why you still need to give your accommodation needs any second thoughts.


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